Kultchara’s Fundraising Director

Martin has many faces within the Kultchara Looney Bin Association.

He is/was? also an ordained “Pastor”…

But now, no reference to him being a “Pastor” can be found anywhere on the Kultchara website. What happened? Did he un-ordain? But why isn’t there an official announcement about such like there is for ex-“Pastor” JJ – stating the reasons why he un-ordained and what he’s not allowed to do anymore? Or do Kultchara also take this whole “Pastorship” system as the complete joke that it really is?

Not sure where Martin will go from here, but currently he is apparently holding the position of Fundraising Director on the Board of Directors, appointed “by the Great King Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden”. The original page available here.


Hmm… Nice looking portfolio with important sounding positions, impressive academic background in “Laws” and executive roles at large firms.
Seems like the perfect guy to entrust your money with!

No wonder the “Great King Protector” choose him to take care of the funds in the organization.

One minor detail missing…
Martin is also a criminal who has declared bankruptcy!

The Kuala Lumpur Law Courts Official Website provides the following document.

Bascially Martin borrowed a total of RM 2,222,692.80 (Approximately $530,000 US) while concealing the fact that he had already declared bankruptcy to the creditor and has (a) no intention and (b) no ability to repay the debt.

People donating to Kultchara, have you double checked and triple checked that the money is going towards the causes they claimed it is to be used for and not just filling some bankrupt criminal’s bank account?


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  1. Mrs Law says:

    Your finding is true…I had personally met Martin..He is a man, who is lost and broken, unable to get out of the cycle of greed and fear of poverty. Very foul temperament. I hope that you will ask the supernatural being to show you the right path to life, do not blindly follow a religion only because you think your sins will be forgiven..Seek Him and you will find Him. Bless Martin and hope you will know the truth one day.


  2. Phng Wee Liang says:

    Martin is a pastor and hired as fund raising head at kechara because he and scam are similiar.
    They like to lie. They are manipulative. They like to cheat money from women. They both like to use religion to benefit themselves. Its that simple, they are the same shit in different buckets.


  3. tenpel says:

    Could you kindly explain in a post more detailed what a “Pastor” in the Tsem Tulku organisation actually is? What can he/she do, what commitments there are, what permissions and rules they have? What does it mean to “ordain” as a pastor? Once being ordained how can one un-ordain? Who bestows “ordination”? The more details you could offer the better it is to understand this topic better. Thanks a lot, TP


    1. mahakala says:

      Thank you for commenting and the suggestion Venerable. We will try to compile info on their so called “pastorship” and perhaps do a comparison if at all applicable to guidelines set by Buddhist vinaya. We may solicit your expertise on this topic when we come around to writing.


  4. mr tiger says:

    Been folllowing your postings recently. Using dharma to promote their “kingdom” is despicably sad. Keep up the good writings and protect yourself with evidences.


    1. mahakala says:

      Thank you for the words of encouragement. We look forward to bringing our readers more info in the manipulative cult.


  5. Lutricia De Mamo says:

    I hope Kecharians are wearing their nipple clamps, because they’re in for a shock!


    1. mahakala says:

      Sure they’re trying hard to find a way to cover their rather large bottoms this time…


    1. mahakala says:

      Thank you for the shout out and the share.


  6. Bang Goes the Fun says:

    Uh Oooooh. Criminals in Kechara House? Surely Kechara House wouldn’t have hired someone with a criminal background. After all, what legitimate Dharma organization would go out of their way to hire criminals? What job could a dharma organization possibly have for a sleezy con-artist like “Martin” Chow Ming Kong? I hope no one translates this in the Malay and Chinese.


    1. mahakala says:

      What better person to employ to con followers’ money than a professional con-man!?
      Actually nice idea. We may just furnish a condensed version of this in these 2 languages for our friends in Malaysia to better understand this.


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