Ugly Divorce

The President of Kultchara Looney Bin Association Malaysia recently made this ‘Public Announcement‘ on their page regarding an ex-member / ‘Pastor’ JJ.

<<Transcript with names and personal details edited out>>

Date: 1 Feb 2016

NOTICE is hereby given that JJ’S LEGAL NAME DISCLOSEDx1 with NRIC/IC Number 8xxxxx-xx-xxxx  also commonly known as ‘JJ CHONG’ or ‘Jay Jae Chong’ is no longer a pastor or staff of Kultchara Looney Bin Association Malaysia, Scam Ladrang and any organisation, affiliate and/or group associated with the Kultchara Looney Bin Organisation and H.E.the 25th Scam Rinpoche.

JJ’S LEGAL NAME DISCLOSEDx2 formally resigned from all positions within Kultchara and returned his vows as an ordained Kultchara pastor and sangha-to-be with effect from 22 November 2015. In his resignation letter, he cited his reasons being his inability to discharge his assigned duties as well as pastoral responsibilities which amongst other things, required him to maintain his vows that forbid any action that is unbecoming of a sangha-to-be. Since JJ’S LEGAL NAME DISCLOSEDx3’s sudden and abrupt departure, we have received feedback from members of the public that has caused us at Kultchara some concerns.

At the present moment, Kultchara is conducting an enquiry into the information received and will reserve its next course of action. Pending the completion of such enquiry, Kultchara wishes to announce the following:

  1. JJ’S LEGAL NAME DISCLOSEDx4 is not authorised by Kultchara, its Spiritual Advisor H.E. Scam Rinpoche, its Committee, Officers and Members and all Kultchara affiliates to represent, speak on behalf of, act for, raise funds on behalf of, open ‘Dharma Centres’ on behalf of, give any ‘healings’, spiritual ‘teachings’, ‘blessings’, ‘initiations’, ‘empowerments’, ‘oracular’/medium/trance-based advices and instructions, using either direct references or inferences that he is acting for Kultchara, or for H.E. Scam Rinpoche and all of H.E. Scam Rinpoche’s and Kultchara’s assigns and affiliates;
  2. He has received no empowerments from H.E. Scam Rinpoche, or Kultchara House and/or any endorsement or recognition from H.E. Scam Rinpoche, Kultchara, or its affiliates, which would qualify him to be regarded as a Master, Lama, Rinpoche, Geshe, Tulku or high reincarnation of any sort;
  3. That neither Kultchara, its Spiritual Advisor H.E. Scam Rinpoche, nor all Kultchara’s Committee, Officers and Members will be responsible for any acts and claims made by the said JJ’S LEGAL NAME DISCLOSEDx5 and for any damage that he may inflict on any member of the public; and
  4. The Singaporean-based organisation known as MODERN BUDDHIST FELLOWSHIP at ADDRESS DISCOLSED Singapore, established by H.E. Scam Rinpoche but under the stewardship of the said JJ’S LEGAL NAME DISCLOSEDx6 lately, is no longer associated in any way to H.E. Scam Rinpoche, Kultchara and its affiliates.

Should anyone have any queries relating to the said JJ’S LEGAL NAME DISCLOSEDx7 and/or any organisation associated with him, or would like further information and clarification on any matters mentioned in this Public Announcement, please contact

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Duck To May Pig (DMSM)
President of Kultchara Looney Bin Association Malaysia
Board of Directors


Wow… Just wow…

The only thing “unbecoming” about this whole affair is the fact that any group/organization would make such a ridiculously childish public statement to defame (what they are good at accusing others of doing) an individual disclosing many personal and private details such as their legal and commonly referred to names, The equivalent to an American Social Security number, and address of activity/residence!

And YES – it sure is defamation when you circulate false accusations such as this via social media. Yeah right, “trying to poison his lama”! With Kultchara’s track record of over dramatizing and lying, JJ most likely “tried to poison” Scam Rinpoche by feeding him salad instead of a cheese burger!



Regarding the points made above, here are our thoughts in bullet points.

  1. Now that JJ had some fallout with the Kult Org he automatically is unauthorized to carry on performing the activities that Kultchara not only allowed, but had entrusted him to do previously? JJ was definitely deemed fitting to be a representative of the organization at the time and documented in Scam Rinpoche’s blog.

    By the way, the Kult’s definition of the duties of a ‘Pastor’ is laid out as follows:
    aboutpastorsduitiesIn fact, the organization even assigned him to act on behalf of Kultchara when receiving visitors from curious ordained Buddhist groups. The “Vietnamese Sangha Visit” album of their Facebook clearly documents this.

    Let’s also not forget about JJ being one of the key members leading the puja and assisting the Shugden oracle during his visit to their retreat center that Kulchara is so proud of.

    *Delete this video if you want Kultchara, but unless you want to stop showing off to the public how you so pompously invited the Shugden oracle over and delete all videos completely, we’ll find other ones.

    And who authorized JJ to teach here? ‘JJ’s First Public Dharma Talk (Setrap Retreat)‘.

    So does a university graduate automatically become a non-graduate and unlearns everything if he/she had a fall out with the Vice‐Chancellor? Or does a person stop knowing how to drive a car if the license issuing authority did not like that person?
    Funny how Kultchara uses the exact same rhetoric to their advantage. Why can’t we be friends?
    Quoting the wise words of Scam Rinpoche himself with slight adaptations…
    May the ban against JJ’s spiritual practice away from Kultchara end soon so that there will be unity, harmony and friendship again based on compassion, acceptance and universal freedom of religious choice without discrimination or recriminations of any kind. May all be harmonious soon.

  2. The long term teacher-student relationship between Scam Rinpoche and ‘Pastor’ JJ is undeniable. Scam Rinpoche has openly wrote praises to JJ on his blog, such as on the ‘Dream Manjushri‘ whereby Scam Rinpoche affectionately thanks JJ for his offering of this so called “Dream Manjushri” statue.
    dreamAlso the fact that JJ did hold the title of a ‘Pastor’ meant the following:
    aboutpastorsAfter assessing the above points, and yet if we were to believe Kultchara’s president’s claims that JJ with such close proximity to their kult leader, seniority within the organization “has received no empowerments from H.E. Scam Rinpoche, or Kultchara House and/or any endorsement or recognition from H.E. Scam Rinpoche, Kultchara, or its affiliates”… Doesn’t it make you wonder where all the other ‘Pastors’ stand and how qualified they are to perform these religious activities for followers at a pricey charge nevertheless?
    Although we would agree with the point about JJ not being an authentic Master, Rinpoche, Tulku or Geshe, since his teacher Scam Cuckoo are none of the above neither.
  3. Simply summarized…

    But it’s not my fault!

  4. With His Eminence’s ever so graceful, mature and empathetic blessings…

    12041804_10154012908268291_540154971_nCongratulations guys!

    13023_840944405981416_3875100726778322593_nThanks Scam Rinpoche and Kultchara for reconfirming. Surely these people too appreciate disassociating with your group and the feelings of love is totally mutual.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Bite the pillow Tsem says:

    I’m proud of Jay Jae and I’m glad he made the New Year deadline. Everyone who didn’t leave Kechara House before Jan. 1 2016 will be have their bad deeds exposed, unless they’re there to help expose more crimes and abuse. There are a few people who are pretending to have broken off from Kechara before 2016 by altering their online accounts, but actually haven’t rejected Tsem and KH. Obviously their bad deeds will be exposed in the worst possible way when the time is right. Some of them are going to be individually sued into poverty by right when they are most vulnerable. I wonder what happens when someone is sued by so many people simultaneously that they can’t afford legal representation or traveling expenses? I guess we’ll find out. And what about Tsem, the person behind all the abuse, crimes, and legal quackery? Some would say it’s too soon to know how they are going to react, but my money is on Datuk Phng “punishing” Tsem for “tricking” her and her daughter into such heavy misfortune. After all, Tsem is the one that made them do the dirty work to protect himself.

    If Kechara House members believe they haven’t done anything wrong, like not reporting crimes, fake testimonies, charity fraud, tax evasion, harassment, blackmail, bribery, defamation, treason, etc. then why are they so worried? Tsem you recieved legal advice to make us not respond or publically comment on particular things that you intended to sue over. Notice how no one is commenting on your lawsuits against ex-KH in Malaysia? LOL it’s too late for you to undo it now! Bite the pillow Tsem.


    1. mahakala says:

      Thank you for yet another fantastic insider testimony. Do you mind if we share this on our blog?


  2. Purfect En Gi Li SHu says:

    So what happened? NOW I NEEEEEEEED TO KNOW!


    1. mahakala says:

      Well, according to them… ex-‘Pastor’ JJ “tried to poison his lama”. LOL

      Oh the persecutory delusions Scam Rinpoche must have suffered from being offered a low-faw or sugar free meal alternative. Not to forget the temper tantrums he must have thrown as a result.


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