Reader Testimony 1: Kultchara empty House

We would like to take time to thank this reader for sharing his/her story and pray that this individual would be able to safely leave the horrible cult soon.

Exposingkultchara Team

I’m still involved with Kechara House because I haven’t had the opportunity to get out safely yet.

Right now the people that come to KH is almost nothing. We’re being told to arrange people so we can take pictures that make it look like there are tons of people. So we remove all the chairs except a few rows and take the picture at a low angle close to the front row so you can’t see that the hall is empty and only about 30 people showed up. Those people in the pictures are the family of employees and not Tsem’s students. In 2015 the Chinese Government paid a tourist company to bring Chinese tourists, who had no idea what was going on, to Kechara House for pictures that made it look like Kechara House was very successful when it wasn’t.

If you look closely at the pictures you can see for yourself how creative we have to be to make it look like people still come to Kechara House.

I enjoy your website. Thank you and please be safe and be anonymous.


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