Buddhism or Entrepreneurialism?

Kultchara recently had another garage sale of apparently ”Rinpoche’s pre-loved” items which can be seen on their Facebook post.

First of all, what is a supposedly modest, simple and renounced ”monk” doing with such an elaborate collection of possessions disguised as statues and other ‘Dharma’ items?
Like having 100 Lama Tsongkhapa statues is going to get you more enlightened or having a million Shudgen statues is going to protect you from the negative karma you create by inflicting so much pain on others!

Now this picture…


Marked down by over 90%!!!

What a generous Rinpoche throwing this sale for all practitioners to have easy access to holy images… Right?
That is the story line Kultchara tries to sell but we’re not buying.

For a merchandise to be marked down and still make some form of profit or at least not to create a deficit, the selling price would still have to be more than the price the merchant (Kultchara) sourced it from.

Really the ad should read something like this:

“Items originally marked up by a ridiculous percentage, Now being marked down by 90% and we’ll still cash in your hard earned dollars in the name of Buddhism. Thank you for your patronage and please come again.”


This topic was touched on in our earlier post “High-end price of Enlightenment” also.

Here are some more examples:

  1. Small Vajrayogini Statue
    Kultchara sells for $140 US, Taobao in China sells for $30 US –
    (366% markup of the retail price of the Chinese vendor).
  2. Setrap Statue
    Kultchara sells for $1500 US, Taobao in China sells for $210 US –
    (614% markup of the retail price of the Chinese vendor).
  3. Sarasvati Image Card
    Kultchara sells for $29.33 US, Taobao in China sells for $0.40 US –
    (723% markup of the retail price of the Chinese vendor).
  4. Damaru
    Kultchara sells for $83.33 US, Taobao in China sells for $12 US –
    (594% markup of the retail price of the Chinese vendor).

    *Note that all Taobao prices are simply of online retailers in China and are by no means the factory prices that Kultchara would be sourcing these items for.

    Also – In case Kultchara needs help with understanding what a markup means, here is a good link by Investopedia.

    Final thoughts…



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  1. Phng Wee Liang says:

    How that fat dumbass accumulate the statues is actually quite legendary.
    So, wat he does is, whenever any student has problems. sick child, sick parent, passing of a loved one, business or financial issues, this scum of a human being will make the student buy tonnes of statues, lots of pujas, recite millions of pujas and do other stupid things. And of course, these items and pujas that need to be done must be in house, its more powerful that way cause the fat ass blesses the outlets while he is meditating on sleep. Haha.
    Anyways, these statues are bought by blackmail at 500% to 1000% mark up or whatever the margins are, Then he keeps them and blesses it more while meditating on sleep, and finally he sells it for 90% off. Its a bloody con. This fat asshole wears a robe and takes advantage of others’ kindness or desparation. That is not a dharma center or a business enterprise. Its a bloody con job disguised to the public as a dharma center and to the members a business enterprise where they will benefit from. He uses the wealth which he restrains from using cause he is supposedly a monk, to control the members. And there he is complaining on the quality of his students. Wake the fuck up u dumb shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤓🤓🤓


  2. Plucky _kl says:

    From what i know the Kulthara shop relocation & some having about 30 – 50 % sales. Clearance sales & new product bringing on last Feb 2016 . High maintenance so need to do closing down sales or moving out sales . In order to attract attention from the Public. Currently, we are facing Economy downsizing ..Kultchara so called giving the Public ” Hope ” with new Buddha coming in like D.S ( sorry I cant remember how it spelt )


  3. Rajmie says:

    It’s not just Tsem that is selling his stuff, his employees have been trying to pawn personal items in garage sales and online over the past few months also. It makes you think they’re short on cash. The pictures of all of them, Tsem included, standing around in the store at night hoping someone will come looked really depressing. Kechara Oasis is shutting down for a few days and there will probably be some depressing motivational speech by Tsem, who will blame the workers for the loss of customers, or maybe everyone will be fired. Surprise! That’s how Tsem operates, hurt other people because of his failures, blame them, and threaten them if they complain.

    Just for fun, I marked several of the Buddha statues with a crayon in a secret place (not that secret place!) so I can see if it ends up in another store. If they can’t sell them to the public, they’ll sell them wholesale to another store instead of throwing them in the trash. After their store closes I’ll post a picture of the mark I made so people can look for it in other stores.

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    1. mahakala says:

      Thank you for sharing. Please feel free to send those pictures to us. We’ll happily include your story on our blog.


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