Scam the copycat

Looks like Scam Rinpoche is really getting desperate for materials to post on his blog other than his long winded, paranoid and self absorbed rants.

His two most recent blog entries (among many others) are direct copies of people’s work. The first entry titled The Seventeen Pandits of Nalanda Monastery for example is the academic work of Dr. James Blumenthal presented by a Buddhist monk – Ven. Tenzin Peljor’s website (Tibetan Buddhism in the West) which Scam acknowledges in his little disclaimer.


Ven. Tenzin Peljor always compile/produce exceptional scholastic work and has obtained permission to legitimately reproduce the material on his website both from the Publisher and (in Dr. James Blumenthal’s case) now deceased Author.

Just because you put a tiny disclaimer saying you’ve borrowed another person’s work, does not make it legally okay. We thought you Kultcharans would be legal experts now considering how many legal cases you’ve filed against people. But just in case… What is plagiarism? You’re welcome!

Who’s authority do you have Scam Rinpoche?
Did you communicate with the dead?


The other Scam Rinpoche blog entry is titled  The Fifth Dalai Lama and his Reunification of Tibet and is yet another replica of Prof. Samten Karmay‘s work sourced also from Ven. Tenzin Peljor’s website. Scam Rinpoche copy and pasted this article two days after the article went online on Ven. Tenzin Peljor’s website forcing Ven. Tenzin Peljor to change his note on the landing page to include the following:

The authors, publishers and copyrights holders gave their ascent to all their articles posted on this website. Many articles were scanned from the original books, OCR processed, carefully checked for errors. All efforts were put into formatting and presenting them in a neat html format. Instead of copying and pasting the articles, think of your karma, and please post links. Thank you very much.

Other little details have now been altered on Ven. Tenzin Peljor’s website. For instance the two footnotes with the asterisks were added after email discussion with Prof. Samten Karmay along with changing the Tibet map in the article about the Fifth Dalai Lama.

Scam Rinpoche obviously has no regard whatsoever for the hard work and length of time required for someone to put together such resources online as he simply copy and pastes.

Yet Scam Rinpoche has the audacity to write this on his blog.


How can something you’ve stolen from someone else belong to you?




It’s called a moral compass Scam Rinpoche. Unfortunately factories in China don’t see these… Nor can you resell with a 500% markup at your “Dharma” stores. But consider getting one please! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many less enemies you make.


Also, funny Scam Rinpoche would choose to copy material from Ven. Tenzin Peljor seeing that they feel so highly about him otherwise and go out of their way to harass him online. They also seem to really enjoy making silly yet highly entertaining memes attributed to him.

Final ending remarks…



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Phng Wee Liang says:

    He doesnt understand the feeling of being kind, selfless and generous. The words he often uses. That is a good indication he is just a copycat. He is so much running out of ideas now that he is also altering lines he gets from songs. To me, most of his quotes and teachings dont even make sense. He just goes round and round and essentially wants the people to give him devotion and all their assets.
    Give for example, his pass student, his mother passed and he went to kechara for spiritual guidance. The fat ass some how managed to con him of his condo in singapore. The student was told that he is too attached to his assets and should transfer this condo to the fat ass’s name in trust and that he would return it when the student is not so attached to material wealth. That itself is already stupid, your dead mother gives you a gift upon her leaving, sure there is some sentimental attachment to it. Dumbass.
    Anyways, years has pass. He still owns the property after lawsuits and much pleading from the pass student. He always claims he wants to return it if the student returns. Do you think the pass student is mad to return?? Do you think the fat ass would actually return the property?? If he really wanted to, he would already have.
    So, who is the one attached to material wealth? A man that was given a property by his deceased mother or a fat lying monk that refuses to return a property that theoratically does not belong to him. He was suppose to hold it in trust and help the student. But instead, he uses it to control the student. That is not selflessness, generousity or kindness fat ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These actions are not in accordance to the words he uses. Its because he doesnt know the feelings of the words. He just cut and paste from the net. Dumbass.
    Pls do as you (the dumb fat ass) say, and seek your own gurus for some guidance. They must be worried for you. The rants that you (the dumb fat ass) have describes you (the dumb fat ass) more than anyone else!!!!!!!


  2. Raspberry Cream says:

    Scampoche is always pretending to have been given permission and recognition by the dead. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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