Kultchara’s public meltdown

Recently, ‘Modern Buddhist Fellowship‘- A Singaporean group was put on Kultchara’s chopping board for posting some pictures of their new statue of Nagarasksha on Facebook which Kultchara claims to be “stolen” (no conclusive evidence provided by Kultchara yet) from them.


Just some background – this Singaporean group was an initiative headed by a man named JJ who Kultchara has recently made a public announcement of his dismissal from his “Pastorship”, along with the release of many private details regarding him and defamatory statements against his character. (Refer to our previous article: Ugly Divorce)

Now, below is a parade of comments from… well… we guess all that is left of the members of Kultchara within just a day of the above post.

Not sure what everyone’s moral compasses are like, but we sure find some of the comments cringe-worthyly anger driven and outright silly.

For your reading pleasure – Enjoy!

In fact, several members got so worked up, they started sharing on their own walls.

Realizing that this outburst was not doing much for their already fairly tattered public image, Kultchara writes this on their official Facebook page:


Funny that they say that the Board of Directors do not agree with such outburst, when it seems like the Pastors, Supposedly “ordained” nuns/’Ani’, Personal Attendants to Scam Rinpoche, Directors of Kultchara all had something to say in the comments above.

We also find the conversation between “Pastor” David and Fundraising Director Martin bizarre because while Kultchara makes the public announcement that JJ has recieved “no empowerments” from Scam Rinpoche


In the same breath, they can condemn him for “breaking samaya” with the guru.


Well, which one is it? Because if you were a real Buddhist, who actually studies real Dharma and read Tsongkhapa’s Lamrim instead of just talking about it all the time… Or even if you just took the time to Google you’d know that “samaya” is created only from getting an empowerment from the Vajra Master.


Bet you don’t learn this mantra in Kultchara!


Another fun side note – Why is Kultchara trying to worship Nagaraksha a predominantly Nyingma practice when their not so World-Peace loving protector Shugden has clearly expressed his dismay of non-Gelug teachings and practices and further enforced by prominent Shugden masters like Pabongkha Rinpoche and Zemey Rinpoche?
Which other Gelug monastery or center practice Nagaraksha?


Why do they need this deity with many faces and arms?
A face for each lie they make and a hand for grabbing each of the followers’ wallets?

Finally – Well Done Modern Buddhist Fellowship for responding to Kultchara’s baseless, defamatory accusations and legal threats in a very simplistic yet mature manner (like any normal well organized group should).



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  1. iceman says:

    Wow. They still continue doing that. I am a ex kecharian, their public image are not good from what i have heard from others. For this event, i think they have deleted their comments from the original posting. Lucky you have it all screenshots. Good job….thank you for revealing the facts.


  2. Wallajah says:

    It’s too bad for Kechara House that they go to such great lengths to disguise where money is coming from and going, otherwise they would be able to show they paid for the statue, which I seriously doubt. Their under the table approach to finances backfired on them if they actually did commision the statue.

    How can Tsem have commissioned the statue and the statue have been commisioned by donations at the same time? Their stories conflict.

    It sounds like Kechara House is just trying to cause trouble for a center that decided they could do better than a fake tulku and his clique. I would have kicked Tsem and his students out of my center too. Those people are just too much trouble, too much drama, and too little dharma. Fake Buddhism is for Fake People.


  3. Fresh to ______ says:

    The funniest thing about this is that they think they have now cleaned out all the people leaking information. ExKechara are experts at compartmentalization my dear. No one still in KH knows more than the information they’ve collected or even who the other exKH still in KH are.

    And then they think JJ poisoned Tsem ROFL. Sorry Tsem, that was one of your China people and, while I know who it was, I’m never going to tell you because I think it’s funny you’re disposable. Even if you wanted to get rid of them, you couldn’t anyway.

    Tsem, did you know, if you burn PVC pipe in someone’s bedroom it coats everything with an extremely slow acting accumulating poison that never leaves the body? Yeah, but the smell goes away in a couple days. Your China person seems to think PVC is incense and burns it in your room in October every year while you’re away. But that’s enough hints about the activities Secret Asian Man for today.

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    1. mahakala says:

      Wow! Not much to add but to say thanks for sharing the info. If you have more stories you’d like us to publish on our blog, feel free to write us!


    2. . says:

      Someone thinks it’s incredibly funny to play to Tsem’s paranoia. There are perfectly logical explanations for Tsem’s health problems. He eats too much and doesn’t exercise. There is no one poisoning Tsem. Provide proof before you make wild claims.


      1. mahakala says:

        The proof is in the pudding… Literally. LOL


      2. Since no one else is using their names, I'll take the hint. says:

        You write suspiciously like a Kechara House employee when trying to refute Chinese funding without making any actual statement denying Kechara House is funded by China. Ergo, people in Kechara House may not want others to know this accusation regarding Tsem’s supposed illness which I’ve never seen any indication of besides his obesity and pock marked skin (meth zits). Why would Kechara House hide this complication in the relationship between Tsem and China and who would they like to hide it from?

        Tsem started showing obesity not long after ds.com appeared. Is this China’s way of putting a time limit on Tsem’s activities, which are reputation damaging to everyone associated? And why would the anti-Tsem people in Kechara House know about it? And why would they write about it online? Are they trying to drive a wedge between Tsem and China, or is the wedge already placed and they are taunting Tsem with the bad situation he created. And is it true? Was Tsem poisoned? Is the source reliable? I can verify the anti-Tsem people have leaked real information about the relationship between KH and China, including money flow and meeting places. If these anti-Tsem sources are the same then they’re very reliable and have proven they are capable of knowing something so secret.

        Then there is the accusation against JJ Chong which indicates very clearly that Kechara House was actively looking for a poisoner. If they were looking, we can assume Tsem had symptoms or there was some indication of poisoning or attempted poisoning.

        Or is this a big trick by Kechara House? Are they trying to make it appear that they and China are at odds in order to disarm their enemies even while their relationship with China becomes stronger and they recieve more support and administrators?

        Can we be sure that JJ Chong and Kechara House have actually severed their relationship? Is it possible that JJ Chong has done something illegal in Singapore on behalf of KH and they’re trying to avoid the legal consequences and extradition to SG?

        I’m inclined to say that a poisoning did take place because the differing stories converge on that point. I do not think JJ Chong poisoned Tsem, as KH says, because if that was the case there would be proof and KH would have made sure that JJ was in jail or hired thugs to kill him outright. But, I believe KH suspects or is aware of a poisoning, or what looks like it, but not who, when, why, or where. On the other hand, Fresh to _______ seemed to know all the details. I know for a fact that China and Tsem’s relationship is sour, but Fresh’s motivation is a mystery. Maybe they’re exploiting KH’s ignorance of a poisoning to sew distrust with a lie, or maybe they’re sewing distrust with the truth. Malaysia is a pirate’s harbor for people like Tsem and I thought the anti-Tsem people wanted Tsem to go to China where law student would use his relations that are high ranking in the CCP or to the USA, Indonesia, or Nepal. Maybe I fundamentally misunderstand things and the reality is the anti-Tsem people are covering all the bases for the end game instead of trying to direct Tsem anywhere particular.

        When it was JJ being accused, KH was completely open and made a spectacle of their accusations against him. But when China is accused, inside KH and on the net there is a “shut up now” response that is comparable to their response to accusations of Chinese funding. It tells me quite a bit about what’s actually going on in Kechara House. You’ve got at least 2 groups, one working for China, and one working to shut down Tsem for countless personal reasons. Is anyone in Kechara House working against Tsem on some level?

        And to what degree is there collaboration between the Chinese agents and the anti-Tsem people that one wouldn’t reveal the identity of another? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but one wants public exposure and the other wants KH to slowly fade out of the picture and then disapear for good?

        Lol, I won’t be surprised at all if Tsem tries to pull a Lama Tseta to get protection from China in the USA. That would be the worst possible outcome for the ex-KH that want revenge. I doubt China will make the mistake of letting Tsem out of an interrogation though.


        1. Brevik says:

          I don’t see any reason to believe Kechara House’s relationship with China has any issues. Tsem and Kechara House hasn’t had real students for a long long time so the money must be coming from the Chinese government. There is ZERO money coming from Malaysians that aren’t economically dependent on China.

          I see what you’re saying about him being a problem for them. Tsem’s megalomaniacal tendencies and the harsh dichotomy of his employees, sadistic and vindictive or sycophantistic, have made his presence all but completely unbearable in ALL other shugden groups. He’s like a square cog in a round peg and he’s screwing things up for the people that are actually playing the role of innocent shugden practitioner. Avoiding involvement with Tsem and his employees without triggering one of their tantrums has become a priority in Trijang Choktrul Rinpoche’s community for instance. And I think we all know at this point about NKT’s struggles with the self appointed tulku.

          It is good that you’re archiving this as it happens and presenting it for discussion. Modern propaganda online is far different from the propaganda of the past. Before groups, like China, could produce large amounts of paper and art propagandas that would be thrown away, painted over, or demolished over time, which allowed them to change the story as they saw fit at a later time. Today propaganda online can remain for decades, maybe hundreds of years, on forums or user submit sites that don’t allow you to delete content. Suffice to say this is a big risk because eventually the source of propaganda is exposed. So, in the case of the shugden groups, and an indication of the nature of their campaign, they try to restrict their content to places where they can later delete it like blogs and websites they control and social media like twitter and facebook that allow you to delete content at any time in the future. They also have a strong preference for venues where they control the flow of the conversation, which means they distinctly fear websites like reddit where they can’t delete or modify others responses. So it is good that you are documenting things and placing it online because it will put pressure on the people funding Kechara House to pull the plug sooner. Propaganda that is dishonest can turn into a weapon used against you and China knows that. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Chinese web traffic was redirected to websites exposing their sick attacks on Tibetans and the names of the Chinese officials that are responsible at some point in the future. I don’t think we need to go into much detail on how individuals in the Chinese government will be held responsible for what history will reveal was a very large screw up.

          Tibetans in diasporia have integrated with their new countries and have begun rising to the top because of their dedication to all beings. It’s inevitable that this will bring up the issue of how Tibetans have been and continue to be persecuted by China. http://www.phayul.com/news/article.aspx?id=37290

          While they don’t appear in Forbes out of modesty, there are several Tibetans that have huge economic influence also.

          As Tibetan influence grows, at a much faster rate than China, CCP must be predicting consequences for their racism against Tibetans. But as short sighted as they are, they’ve only dug their hole deeper by paying slugs like Tsem.


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