Extermination in the palms of your hands

In this video uploaded a while ago we see Scam Rinpoche “liberating” betta fish.

First of all, the proper English grammar for the plural of fish is – fish.

This is yet another example of Kultchara’s publicity stunt gone terribly wrong but they’re too stupid to realize.

Betta fish, otherwise known as siamese fighting fish – does exactly that! It is common knowledge to not put male betta fish together with other males because they will fight each other to their death (as you can see at the end of the video, the fish were already fighting.)

When Scam Rinpoche is saying “They’re free! They’re free!”, just imagine a lunatic letting a prison full of murderers roam freely in one concentrated area and chanting the same victory chant. Very disturbing thought.

I am no marine scientist, but just a simple 20 minutes Googling and a genuine concern for the welfare of all animals gives me enough knowledge to know this is simply harming/slaughtering the fish.

Why would Scam Cuckoo Rinpoche choose to release commercially bred fish that would have lived a good life for up to 10 years in an aquarium with no threat of being killed by predators to a dirty swamp off the side of the road, moreover assuming that they don’t kill each other first, their chances of survival is almost near zero…? I guess betta fish look prettier than saving sentient beings whose lives are in actual danger.


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